BSGO Picon geldi

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Popüler olan Battlestar Galactica Online de, Uzayda daha çok patlamalara ve Epic savaşlara ihtiyaç duymaktadır.


Bu günki güncellemelerde Avrupa serveri üzerinde yeni bir Colony bulundu.


Pikon Colony'si Battlestar Galactica Online katýldý ve yeni habitantslar için kapılarını açtı.

Galactica devre dýþý!



BSGO goes Open Beta

Hello Pilots

Urgent news form the Fleet Headquarters:

The day we all have waited for, finally arrived. Open Beta started and with the start of the open beta the NDA has officialy been lifted.
So tell all your friends how awesome BGO is and let them know they should report for duty on board of the Galactica or the Basestar asap

With the open beta another important feature is finally available:

Localized game clients.

You can now choose one of the available languages in the upper right corner of the log in screen.
To start the game in your language just select it and log in. The game will then start with the localized client.

There´s one more thing we add for the open beta, a 2nd EU-Server, "Libran" which is now availble.

Enter the game and join the epic Battle for the Veil sector.

Your BSGO Team